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1935 A $1 Silver Certificate

Experimental "S" FR. 1610

This Bill still has some crispness (It is not tissue paper), but will still hold it's shape when holding. All 4 corners are not square, but the edges are still straight. You can see fold lines running horizontally in the middle of the bill. Also there are 3 fold lines vertical. The fold lines have little to no wear along them. All prints are still clear and easy to distinguish. Some of the bill has lost it's white areas, the back more than the front. Over all it is still a very nice example of a very collectable "Experimental R and S" Bill.

The pictures tell the whole story. Please look at the super-sized pictures to grade the Bill itself. I provide very detailed, very closeup pictures for you to see exactly what you are buying. You will receive the exact Bill you see listed.


1935 Experimental "R" and "S" Story

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has frequently chosen the $1 denomination for testing of alternative printing techniques and paper compositions. With poverty rising during World War II and more potential counterfeiting of paper money, a concern with security paper supply was in demand. Any threat to this supply means the inability to print notes. Being a real possibility, potential replacement paper was found and tested; experimental notes were born.


Special runs of serial numbers were often set aside for experimental notes so they could be easily identified later to observe how well they held up in circulation. Series 1928A & 1928B were the first group of Silver Certificate experimental notes to be printed


The second groups of SC experimental notes were printed in series 1935. This experimental group also consisted of three batches: one with a special finish, one on special paper, and the third a control group with regular paper.


The next group are the “R” and “S” SC experimental notes. Exactly 2,368,000 from the 1935A series were produced. A large red “R” in the lower right corner distinguished notes printed using regular paper while those printed with special paper had the letter “S.” This specific series are the only experimental Silver Certificates printed in this unique fashion. With equal quantities of 1,184,000, the two groups were released June 20, 1944 and issued into circulation to test their comparative disabilities. These experimental notes make up less than 1% of all 1935A notes and survivors are considered scarce.


“R” Serial Number ranges: S 708 84001 C – S 720 68000 C

“S” Serial Number ranges: S 738 84001 C – S 750 68000 C




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Inv - CU-077

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