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1885-P Morgan Silver Dollar

The pictures tell the whole story. Please look at the super-sized pictures to grade the coin itself. I provide very detailed, very closeup pictures for you to see exactly what you are buying. You will receive the exact coin you see listed. I do not play tricks with lighting. Many others may show the coin at angles that make the coin appear better than what it is. If you see a coin that is too good to be true, it probably is.


Inception of the Morgan Dollar

As R.W. Julian has related, the Morgan silver dollar was a child of politics and the silver interests of the 1870s. George T. Morgan's design was rushed into production in early 1878 before it was thoroughly tested. As a result, the first few months saw several revisions. The relief contour of the eagle's breast was altered, the number of feathers in the eagle's tail was changed from eight to seven (with several dies having eight feathers over seven feathers), and other minor adjustments were made. As late as 1880, overdates and mixtures of new and obsolete reverses recurred. These operations produced a plethora of varieties for a later generation of collectors.

The image on the obverse was that of Philadelphia kindergarten teacher Anna Willess Williams. Walter H. Breen commented as follows;'

The portrait on the Morgan dollar bears a superficial resemblance to the Eugene Andre Oudine head of Marianne (the personified Republic) on dollar-size French silver 5 francs, 1870-1878. This is likely to have been interpreted in Europe at the time as a gesture of respect to France, an ally of the United States nearly continuously since the Revolutionary War.


Guide To Collecting and Investing

Chapter 15


by Q. David Bowers




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